Am I Being Too Subtle?

Straight Talk From a Business Rebel

Am I Being Too Subtle? book cover
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Self-made real estate billionaire Sam Zell reveals the story behind his success and lays out a road map for entrepreneurs seeking to follow in his footsteps.

No one has ever accused Sam Zell of being conventional. One of the savviest, most mysterious, and most controversial investors today, he built his real estate empire by zigging when everyone else zagged. Despite a few notable failures, most famously that of the Tribune Company, his success with his own investment firm Equity Group Investments, and his ownership of companies like Sealy, Santa Fe Energy Resources, and Schwinn Bicycles is undeniable, and he remains one of the few truly self-made multi-billionaires in the United States.

Zell takes readers inside his world, where the secrets of success are embedded in the dramatic and often surprising stories of his youth and business life. He tells the remarkable story of how the son of Holocaust survivors was able to grow the Equity network, which includes some of the nation's largest commercial real estate companies, and expand across industries--from real estate and railcars to energy, logistics, and others--amassing enormous wealth from nothing.

Instead of handing out the same old advice, Zell cuts the bull and talks straight about how to make it in business. The books is packed with his characteristic nuggets of insight, such as:

· Trying to be right 100% of the time leads to paralysis. 
· Business is not a battle to be waged. It's a puzzle to be solved. 
· Keep it simple. 
· Liquidity equals value.
· When others are going right, look left.


“The notoriously blunt businessman shares the ups and downs of his career and the lessons he’s learned in business—with just a little profanity—in a new book, Am I Being Too Subtle?
--The Wall Street Journal
“Here we have the real Sam Zell: one of our nation’s most interesting, provocative, and successful practitioners of business and life. He’s a wise man who hates fuzzy thinking. He is a biker, wearer of leathers and jeans and boots and his signature quirky beard. He points his skis straight downhill. You know, all the usual things that the few really smart (but not too smart for their own good) business people do.”
--Steve Roth, chairman and CEO of Vornado Realty Trust
“A highly readable and revealingly personal book filled with unique insights and unvarnished straight talk about business, people—their quirks and potentials—and about life itself.”
--The Huffington Post