“I CAN SEEM GRUFF. I KNOW THAT. AND I CAN BE IMPATIENT. I have an embedded sense of urgency. What I can’t figure out is why so many other people don’t have it. But from an early age I realized that I had a fundamentally different perspective from my peers. And I was willing to trade conformity for authenticity—even when that meant being an outlier, which it usually did, and even if it meant being on my own.” -SAM ZELL

“Here we have the real Sam Zell: one of our nation’s most interesting, provocative, and successful practitioners of business and life. He is a biker, wearer of leathers and jeans and boots and his signature quirky beard. He’s a wise man who hates fuzzy thinking. He is a professional change agent with a voracious appetite for new ideas, and a student of cycles who worships at the altar of supply and demand. He points his skis straight downhill. All of this comes out in his book.” -STEVEN ROTH